The other night when I had insomnia, I didn’t fall asleep til about 4 am. The very next day was an energetic one for me. I had classes and work. I worked late since hubby had to leave at 9 for his sleep study. The sleep study has been long overdue. His snoring is horrible and he stops breathing sometimes, which scares the pee right out of me.  We are waiting to hear if he needs to do breathing treatments at night. My guess is yes.

The road trip is coming fast and the closer we get the more impatient I am. To say I am excited would be an understatement lol. A friend of mine lives in Lexington where the convention is. She is going to get a day pass for Saturday and come hang out with me the entire day! So all day we have been talking about that. Mostly cause we might do some other stuff. There are horse and carriage rides and I have always wanted to do that. Also there is a vineyard nearby that is cheap and gives you a free wineglass. I lub me some freebies and cheap wine. I also got the directions. Tammy, the friend who is providing the vehicle for the weekend, will probably want me to drive. She is used to working 3rd shift and will be somewhat tired.

In preparation of everything, I have been doing tons of laundry and prepacking some stuff. Our class is watching a movie tonight and everyone is bringing some treat so I baked some cookies. I made my specialty, cake mix cookies. You use any cake mix you want and add eggs, oil, and a bit of water. You then drop them on baking sheet and wahhlahh you got cookies. VERY easy! It also allows for some creativity,I like adding things to the mix. I made red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips and orange cookies with chocolate chips. Sometimes I make things like strawberry or cherry with chocolate chips, lemon with raisons, carrot cake and nuts….you get the picture.

Well the dryer is done and the living room needs to be picked up so I am gonna jet. Hope to post more tomorrow.


~ by alegna75 on September 11, 2008.

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  1. Those cookies sound so good! How many eggs do you add? Do you play it by ear on the rest? I love red velvet cake & cookies are so much easier to store here lol… (as I start thinking of baking myself)

  2. Good to hear you sounding so excited! I hope you have a complete blast on your trip!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog…gonna make it a regular stop…Thank you!! If you are interested in swapping blogroll links, please let me know!

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