Halloween – Rob Zombie Version

So the remake of Halloween has been out for quite awhile and as usual I just now get to watch it. Well we watched it last night and I am a bit on the fence as to whether or not its good. Rob Zombie delved into what caused Michael Myers to be the way he turned out. This is the one thing I LOVED. In the original all you see is a normal looking boy commiting a heinous crime and your left wondering why he did it. So it was refreshing to see a new perspective that took away the stereotypical middle class family and inserted a very real and common dysfunctional-beyond-all-belief family.

Here is what I didn’t like. First off we spent some time confused about the sex of the baby. In the very beginning you hear them refer to the baby as “he”, and after Michael kills almost everyone in his family (sans mom and baby) you see him talking to the baby and says “It’s ok little bro”. My original thought was that Zombie decided to alter the story a bit and change it to a male. NO. Later on as it turns out he is after his baby sister , whom we are left to assume was the baby from the beginning. Another issue was what time frame were we in? When Michael was first in the Psychiatric Prison he kills a nurse with a metal fork. I have never been sent to a Psychiatric Prison but my mother worked for one and I have been in two psychiatric units inside hospitals. They NEVER give anyone a metal fork. You eat with plastic. Even at low security there are astringent rules on what anyone seeking psychiatric help can have or not have….and metal forks isn’t one of them. So I question it, hubby replies “No, hon you got to remember this is the sixties”. Which of course set off a whole nother discussion as to the time frame of the original (he would have been in the prison in the 60’s and escaped as an adult in the 70’s). So as we watch we realize someone is using a cell phone. For that matter it was a fairly slim phone as opposed to the monstrosities of the 80’s. So now we are going …wait…we are at least in mid to late 90’s….and they gave him a metal fork??? NOT HAPPENING!

Now for my biggest pet peeve. First off let me state that I have a tendency to not like remakes very much. There are only a handful that I have seen and actually liked (Psycho is one). So in some ways I could be very biased….but hear me out. I understand that everytime a remake is made there has to be an element of pushing the envelope, going one step ahead than the original. However one thing I cannot stand is the over excessive use of nudity and even rape scenes. The rape scene in Zombie’s version, in my humble opinion, was by far not necessary. At that point in the movie we already had the general understanding that Michael would not kill you until you did something that pissed him off. Such as, you did NOT mess with his masks. You could do anything you want, but mess with his masks and your dead meat….we KNEW this. But Zombie apparently felt the need to throw in a rape scene to show that Michael is quite egocentric and could care less about what happened to others and only cared about himself (he is after all still a child mentally). Seriously, I can’t stand rape scenes. If a movie is about rape, i can see it but I also would have the option of not watching it. And had he taken out the rape scene…the movie still could have gotten its point across. Which leads me to the excessive use of nudity. Sure the original had some nudity in it and yea i can see adding a bit more to push the limits. BUT, is it necessary for a chick to run topless? I would like to think that if I was in that position that I wouldn’t care about being topless but this chick wasn’t small breasted and could have seriously caused some more damage. On top of that, daddy was the sheriff and he found her dying (she was screaming in pain and yelling for help) he didn’t make an attempt to cover her up. As a parent I totally would have been concerned about anyone seeing my daughter half naked in a pool of blood and cover her up. Ok argue the whole thing about evidence being ruined but he wasn’t much of a sherriff, we never seen him the rest of the movie as Michael continues killing.

One thing I want to add as I close this post, the guy who played adult Michael did an excellent job. He was MUCH bigger than the original but he still mastered the ability to portray Michael in a convincing manner and kept him much like the original….with the exception that he actually ran after people as opposed to that slow walk that got him everywhere in no time. I am glad I got the chance to watch it. There were moments that caused me to jump and piss myself (not literally). All in all, I will probably stick to my original.


~ by alegna75 on September 9, 2008.

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