Let’s Play Catch Up

So I have a few minutes before I have to sit down and study religion. I am taking a World Religions course as my humanity requirement, this week we are covering Hinduism. Interesting stuff, just ALOT of reading and terminology we have to know.

So where do I begin? Saturday I got together with my pals that I am going to Scarefest with. That was a blast, nice to have some “friends” time as well. Tammy loaned me two movies Shutter and Halloween (the rob zombie version). Last night we watched Shutter. If you like asian horror you will love Shutter. I know I did!

When we watched the movie my friend Ben came by. He and hubby have been telling me for quite some time now that I need to just start my own paranormal group and the topic came up again. I love the group I am in now….they are just leaning heavily into the spiritual aspect and I prefer to focus on the scientific first. Two people from that group made their own group, WNC Paranormal Research Society. I don’t know how I got listed as an investigator, but I did. Well I am not too fond about that either because for starters they had an investigation Saturday night. No one contacted me or Ben (he is in it too) about it. Why? Cause some chick doesn’t like Ben. Since when does personal bs drama get dragged into an investigation????? IT DOESN’T! So after we talked last night, we did it. We are forming our own group. It is Land of The Sky Paranormal Research Society (LSPRS for short). This won’t be like our original group (that we will still be a part of) whom have an open door policy on members. Our members will have to go through an application process simply because I want to know that the people I have on my team are trustworthy. I don’t need drama, immaturity, craziness, or anything else to make us look bad. I am going to leave the second group…not cause I wasn’t called about the investigation but the fact that team members were left out due to some chick crying like a baby that she didn’t like someone. My message to her is: You meet alot of people in life you don’t like, deal with it or spend alot of time alone.

Onto happier, more positive thoughts. I dyed my hair Burgundy last night. Outside it looks flat out purple. Inside though it has a nice wine color to it. I picked up a great costume (click link for pic) for Saturday, the scarefest is having a costume contest. I can’t decide if I should wear boots or my hooker heels. I will be wearing fishnets so I guess I need to just try both pairs of shoes on and see which ones I like best. I picked out an outfit for Friday. Black tank top, black skirt, dark makeup….very goth! Outside of studying I have to bake cookies for my thursday evening class (we are watching a movie and everyone is bringing something), trim my nails and paint them black.

Ohhh some of my gifts have started arriving from Amazon. Friday I got some beads. Today I got two pendants (both are celtic knotwork) and a ton more beads. And I got my canning pot!! That I was very excited about. I am a bit upset I won’t be able to can this weekend but I will soon enough. This pot is HUGE. I have been using 8 and 16 oz jars. This one can hold up to 7 quart jars! I still have a bool, movie, styrofoam wig head, and more beads coming. YAY!

Welp, I have nothing more interesting to say so I will go. Hopefully I can come up with a great thought provoking topic before I leave town.


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  1. I took that class in college.. but it was in our Bible department (I was a Humanities major though oddly enough lol). Was a very interesting class.

    I’m curious about the investigation thing… Other than on tv (and I’ll admit I watch those shows lol) I haven’t heard of anyone doing that.

  2. I watch the shows too. It’s a very condensed version of what happens. On top of that….we aren’t lucky enough to run into anything paranormal on a weekly basis.

  3. What is a quart, I can guess that its big from the context its written in. In the UK we work in pints or litres. Overe here we have shows like UK’s most haunted place but apart from that there is very little to see about paranormal investigations.

    Oh and if you still have to code could you email it to me at ashtherabbit*at*hotmail*dot*com because for some reasonI cant log into photobucket. Hannah x

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