Adventures In Making Jam

So I got this bright idea last night. 8:45 pm was a perfect time to make my blueberry jam! Yea, I am weird like that.

First I crushed up the blueberries because my containers went by ounces and the recipe calls for 1-1 1/2 qrts and I don’t know how to convert that. In parenthesis it said 4 cups and that I could figure out. When I went to crush my blueberries I couldn’t find my potato masher (still MIA). This happens to me alot. Sometimes these things re-appear but it’s like 6 months later. So I did it with one of my big serving forks. Yea, that made my hand hurt about halfway through the first container.

I moved on to prepping the jar lids and then cooked the blueberries. Then I ladled the mixture into the jars and put them into hot water to boil. This I must have made a mistake. I don’t think I had enough water as only one of the 6 jars actually had the vaccuum action going on and sealed properly. When I pushed on the lids, 5 of them popped back up…..this was after they fully cooled. Anyway I just did a taste test a bit ago and regardless if they sealed right or not…the jam tastes dam good. It set perfect, tastes wonderful…I look forward to some toast in the morning. We are going to be giving some of these away. The one that did get sealed properly is going in our pantry. Then one for our fridge and I am taking the other 4 to some friends. Hubby is interested in me making strawberry or raspberry. I can see I might be doing this alot LOL.


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  1. What are you using to boil the jars? I had this problem too. I don’t have a canning pot so hubby rigged something for me with a metal pie tin in my big stock pot. I still had a few that didn’t seal properly.

    Thanks though…this reminds me I should probably get started on mine since I plan on giving them as Christmas/Yule presents this year And we are almost out of Apple Butter πŸ™‚

  2. Did you completely cover the jars by an inch or two of water? Did you wipe the rims and the threads on the jars before you put the lids on? I learned this lesson the hard way, lol!

    I always feel so accomplished, so…earthy when I make my own stuff! It becomes addicting :O)

  3. I don’t have my canning pot either, that should arrive next week so I had to rig a lid and using spoons in the handles try to cover the pot so that was probably my first issue. I did clean the threads really good but when I opened the pot to pull the jars out the water was just under the lids.

    I do like making the jams. I want to learn how to can other stuff too when we get our garden started, that way I won’t have to shop at the store a much and have healthier items. So yea, another new addiction LOL.

    Apple Butter…mmmm I love apple butter. I need to go find a recipe for that now!

  4. I think it is so awesome you made jam…homemade jam! My wife and I, sadly, rarely cook and pretty much eat out or have microwave food. It’s nice to know SOMEONE out there is making good stuff! πŸ˜‰

  5. I want to learn to make jam…but hubby already thinks I am crazy with all the cooking that I do.

    Sounds so yummy!

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