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My most favoritest store to shop at is Target. We don’t have a super Target, someday I hope we do. For now tho we have a regular one and thats just fine by me. I have gotten some awesome deals on their clearance…from clothes to kids crafts.

My other fave spot… My inlaws gave me a gift certificate for Amazon. I swear you can really stretch the dollar on that site. I ordered a movie, The Libertine, used for $3. I got a canning pot that has a rack for $22. I have over 8000 (like 7 different kinds) beads coming that cost me all of $20. I have 2 pendants coming, $15. I also got a styrofoam wig head for our mummy we are going to make for Halloween (we have named her Claire-O-Patra after our middle daughter, Claire), $5. I cannot wait to get my items. I have about 7 shipments total and the earliest something will arrive is Thursday. I get to celebrate and open packages for a little over a whole week. Yep, I love Amazon.


~ by alegna75 on September 3, 2008.

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  1. Great price on the canning pot! Some of those are over $50!

    I always ask for Amazon gift certificates for Xmas and my birthday. Then I get a ton of used books on the cheap! Love it!

  2. I was looking at books but sadly my wants exceeded my budget 😦

  3. For those of you with Amazon Prime memberships, here is a useful website to search for Prime items:

  4. Thanks for the info!

  5. I buy lots of Christmas presents on Amazon because of the free shipping.

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