Family Values and Politics

I have been reading blogs about Palin here lately. I don’t have much of a head for politics. Basically because I hate smoke and mirrors and lies. So I won’t profess some major knowledge in this area. But I do know something about parenting. Not a self proclaimed expert by any means but I have my opinions, and I love to share them.

*steps on soapbox*

The latest blog I read (and don’t ask me where, I forget since I read all over and not just on wordpress) was about Palin leaving her 3 month old with Down’s syndrome with daddy to go on the campaign trail. I actually couldn’t finish reading it because it oozed of hypocrisy.

Why is it when a man goes on a campaign trail there is never any concern about leaving a small infant home, let alone one with Down’s or any other syndrome out there? I mean really,this blogger was saying how Palin was “forced”  to leave her child behind! First off, no one forced her to get into politics or have a career. Yea many moms have to work but do they all go out and get a political seat? No! If she needed a job she could have worked in a local restaurant or gas station. She WANTED to work in politics. She WANTED to accept the position of VP Candidate. So where is anyone forcing her to leave a child behind? And I hate to point this out but if it was dad….nothing would be said. NOT A WORD!

This is one of the biggest issues I have with parenting. Mothers are not the be all and end all of parenting. Trust me! My mother was NOT a good parental figure. She wasn’t even mediocre. Yes we carry the child for 9+ months, yes we actually give birth…but we didn’t create that child by ourselves. My hubby was by my side at every birth so he “helped” in his own way. He did his fair share of feedings, diaper changes, helping with homework (still does). It doesn’t take one, it takes both….no matter how the “parenting jobs” are split up.

Which brings me to single parent homes. We always hear about the single moms who struggle day in and day out to make ends meet and take care of the children. What about those single dads? There are a growing number of them. I can tell you that I withhold child support more from women than men when I do payroll. Single dads are growing in number but no one ever says anything like “Bless his heart, he is really struggling!”. Or “Poor thing never has time for himself”. Reality folks, family values are about both sexes that work hard for our kids. Maybe someone will say “Statistics show…blah blah blah”. Yea well statistics can be skewed to get the results you want.

So lay off Palin for her CHOICE to go on the political campaign. I am not saying she would  make a great VP, I have no idea. She made her choice! And there is not a damn thing wrong with choosing to be a career woman. Just like there is nothing wrong with choosing to stay at home, vaccinate or not vaccinate, breastfeed or bottlfeed, spank or not spank….what works for your household and your life does not mean its right for anyone else. We have got to stop being so closeminded when it comes to our political “leaders”. It has been biting us in the ass for years now and people need to learn from the mistakes or stop voting.

*steps off soapbox*


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  1. It will be no surprise that I agree with you and thanks for commenting on my Palin Bashing post at boobcampblog by the way! Women should encourage one another not beat each other down!

  2. Just for the record, I would have had a problem if the dad had gone back to work three days after the baby was born, prematurely and with Down Syndrome. Any man that would leave his wife, who had just given birth under assumably stressful circumstances…well, I would think long and hard before voting for him, too.

    I don’t have a problem with her choice as a working mother, but I do have issues with her on other things — her stringent anti-abortion stance, her anti-gay stance, her lack of experience.

    That’s just my personal views, though.

    And I’m scared of any woman who can physically go back to work 3 days after giving birth, lol! I could barely walk!

  3. I totally agree with your sentiments on Palin. And she definitely won’t scoop up Hillary voters as some people are interpreting this choice to mean. Not if women care about having control over their own bodies and their own choices!

  4. I totally understand not agreeing with her political viewpoints.I think the thing that just set me off was the hypocrisy of implying women are “forced” into political work and yet nothing is said about the father whom is presumable (in some cases) half of the equation.

  5. This is something most liberal Democrats want: a strong woman who can work AND take care of her children (four out of five ain’t bad). The problem they have with Palin, though…is that she’s a conservative. FDR had bad legs but that didn’t stop him from handling the worst economic disaster in American history, and WWII.

    (Note: I found your blog on the forums, in your introduction post.)

    (Note #2: I am not a McCain/Palin supporter nor am I a conservative. I am a libertarian. Shoo.)

  6. Amen!
    It is funny the sexism that leaks out on both sides of the fence, hey?

  7. This morning Rudy Guiliani said the same thing I said about Palin. Granted you can see that he is very pleased with McCain’s choice, so maybe it’s bias.

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