Birthday Celebrations

First and foremost, thank you MrsB for the much appreciated birthday wishes!

I do not particularly get overly excited for my birthday. I like things quiet and simple and easy to deal with. This morning hubby let me sleep in. That was nice! I woke up to 3 kids and hubby yelling in my ear HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA and breakfast in hand. They also gave me cards (no, no presents. Times are tough!). Then they left me alone to have quiet time. That didn’t last long, I ate quickly and went to the livng room to spend time with everyone. A friend of ours brought by a bunkbed they no longer needed and we have been looking for one forever. They also brought some other furniture, something we didn’t know they were bringing! So we have been trying to get rooms rearranged for the last 3 hours lol.

I wanted to cook on the grill for dinner. I love food cooked over charcoal, gas is not bad but I am definetly a charcoal kinda gal. Hubby got mad cause we aren’t done yet and here I am demanding he grill. So he says for my bday I get to learn how to grill. How freaking sweet….I get to learn to cook on something other than the stove! And on my birthday! Apparently he forgot about me cooking on the campfire our last camping trip. Well so far its been pretty much him showing me things. I can honestly say I poured the charcoal briquettes into the starter and put matches in the bottom of the starter to get things going. That’s all. Hubby has done everything else LOL! It’s almost ready for the burgers and dogs. I can’t wait, I am getting HUNGRY!

Hamburgers ala Angela
1-2 lbs ground chuck (depends on how many your feeding, 2 is enough for the 5 of us)
1 packet of onion soup mix
dash or two of worcestshire sauce
sprinkling of garlic to taste (or even better use chopped cloves)
sprinkling of oregano to taste
ground peppercorns (Sam’s has disposable peppercorn grinders that I LOVE)

Mix it all up and make into patties. Cook to your liking, me I prefer Medium.


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  1. Your recipe sounds really good. I’m going to have to try that.

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