Another New Hobby?

One of the great hells joys of being bipolar is the randomness and spontaneous that insues. Some people don’t see randmoness or spontaneity as a “bad” thing but for a bipolar it can be. I have been experiencing a low side. Whenever I hit the low side I do random things in an effort to make me happy. It’s my form of self-medicating. I never ever think about my actions at this time, I just do stuff then think about it later. Usually I buy shoes. This time however I decided to buy supplies for a new craft project.

MrsB recently blogged about her cute witchy decorations that she has in her kitchen. One of the things she showed were her wooden spoons that she had burned symbols onto using a woodburning pen. My interest was peaked and today I went out and bought some wooden spoons and a woodburning pen.

 So first time out I naturally had to do an ankh and triple moon goddess. I used a thicker tip, they called it the script tip. I found it to be relatively easy. I do not draw well but even still this wasn’t too bad.


These I did just a few min ago. The trifecta on the left is for protection and the moon on the right (I know, sad looking moon eh?) is for blessings. I used a dot tip for these and I like how they turned out much better. Only thing about the spoon with the blessings symbol….its not the same wood as the other spoons and it felt bumpy as I was running my pen over my design. So as a result up close it looks like a bunch of dots. In some places you could see where my pen was forced into a different direction due to the grain. Oh well, live and learn!

I wanna do more. I bought spoons earlier and still have about 4 or 5 left. I want to get some unfinished bowls and make some for magickal workings. I am also thinking about making some plaques too with pentacles and egyptian symbols and whatnot. I kinda wanna do some celtic knotwork but I am not sure that I am skilled enough lol.


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  1. Wow! Those turned out great!! I’m very impressed! And isn’t it fun? Craft stores often have a lot of unfinished wood items (I haven’t found any unfinished bowls, tell me if you find them!). I am thinking about doing some sort of trivet type thing to put under my cauldron with the wheel of the year on it in some way.

    I think this is one of my favorite hobbies. It doesn’t cost a lot (especially the spoons, lol!) and it’s easy to get creative.

    Thanks for sharing your work!!

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