Cell Phone Dangers

No this is not about how cell phones cause tumors. Recently our news station, WLOS, reported that teen girls at a county high school were sending nude pics of themselves to boys from their cell phones. They also reported that this has been going on across the country for some time. That part doesn’t suprise me…kid always do things for some time before we parents catch up to it. But the fact they are doing it scares me. I wasn’t a perfect teen, I did my fair share of horrible things. All kids do, but I stare at my own kids and get nervous about them doing such things. Mine are still quite young, but apparently my parenting skills are wicked awesome. Both my daughters were home when the news report came on. My oldest looked at the younger and said “Man, if we did that mom would beat the crap out of us”. Then younger then piped up with “Yea and she would take away our phones”. Ok first off, these girls don’t even HAVE phones yet! But they have asked and for now we haven’t deemed it necessary. We have however had discussions about certain thing, like NO texting or calling WHILE driving! So I couldn’t help but feel proud that they were grasping the concept of right and wrong.

Back to the main issue at hand. According to the report, the teen girls were not disciplined by the school because it was not a school issue. The school did contact the parents so that they could beat handle their children. What bothers me most is that ANOTHER teenage girl was interviewed by the newstation and she claims its not the schools business. More than likely, this child is engaging in similar behaviors and doesn’t wish to get caught. In all honesty, that school DOES have an obligation to tell the parents (sorry chicky poo, you will get it when your older…..maybe)! Let’s imagine that the school didn’t tell the parents, they just let it go. Now the girls continue sending nude pics. Suddenly something happens. Either they get a bad rep so they try to yell rape or they actually do get raped (although that doesn’t fit the general rape scenario). It eventually comes out about the pics. The girls parents will decide to sue the school for withholding information that could have theoretically protected their children.  And this is just the legal aspect of the schools duty. How about morally? As a parent who sends her children off to public school I expect that my children’s behavior be reported to me. If they are doing something I need to be concerned with I better be notified. I cannot possibly be with my children 24/7. By the time high school rolls around there are even more freedoms. So yea, if an adult (or child for that matter) knows my children are engaging in dangerous behavior….someone better speak up!

**I want to add on to my comment about rape scenarios. I implied that a male raping a female because of nude pics is not a typical scenario. I stand behind this because more often than not rape is based upon power and not sex. Many people get upset whenever I say something like this and I don’t intend to piss anyone off. I myself had been raped as a teen. I had an opportunity to speak with a rapist while I was in drug rehabilitation. That conversation alone revealed so much to me about what a rapist is thinking during a rape. After that I spent alot of time talking to counselors for rape victims and counselors who have rapists in their psychological care. All of them told me the same basic thing. Rape can and does occur due to sex (or lack thereof) but the percentage rate is extremely low. More of them are related to a sense of power. Just wanted to put that out there.**


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  1. It sounds as if you have recovered quite well for having been raped. I imagine a lot of people are never able to recover from it. I’m glad you can help others.

    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

  2. I guess I have recovered well, it occured 17 years ago and I have done tons of therapy just on that one issue alone. I don’t think that I am ever fully over it and I don’t think anyon can ever be fully over it. But as time passes the pain lessens.

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