The Truth About Psychic Abilities

I had an interesting discussion with my hubby today. To put it in a nutshell, he is pretty much hellbent on meeting a psychic friend of mine so that he can tell her how he feels about her claims. See I met this lady through the paranormal society I am in. I had some experiences, we talked, then she started doing psychic ability classes. We learned chakra meditation (something that I desperatley needed and will forever be grateful for). From their we learned how to pick up on energy and learned how our abilities worked. I am clairvoyant. I haven’t practiced enough to see if I can pick up audio or physically see the energies. And that’s fine…I am ok with the fact that maybe all I ever will be is clairvoyant. But hubby seriously wants to meet this lady and tell her she is a fraud. But he just doesn’t “get” what it means to be psychic. And even funnier, he doesn’t consider me to be a fraud when I tell him about the messages I get.

I have had a hard time dealing with some of the images I get. I picked up on images from a murder of a woman and that I was ok with. But twice now I have dealt with images of a child and their death and that cuts me deep. Perhaps because I am a mother myself. One thing alot of people assume is that psychics know everything. We don’t. For starters I am an infant in comparison to some of the things Angela claims she can do, I can however back her up on some things. She loves being able to have someone come along and say “Yea I got that too” and to be honest, I love it too. I don’t feel anywhere near as crazy if I have someone backing me up on my visions. But the tricky part is, alot of times I don’t know why it is I see what I see.

Going back to the images of the murder I picked up on. The house we were investigating, I KNEW the owners knew a woman who was murdered in Louisiana. That was all I was told. However, I received images of hands being bound. A woman being dragged. A number 39. I knew that her face had been cut to shreds. I knew she was wearing jeans. And I knew that there was something important about the thumbs. Every bit of that was backed up by police reports that I was shown after revealing what I saw. At the time I saw these things, I had no idea WHAT it meant. I knew it meant something horrible and death but I had no clue it was about the murdered friend. For a long time another investigator was trying to peice it together as a possible murder on the property, but no records could be found. Then when it was time to talk to the owners….wahlahhh there it was. Angela has quite a bit more experience and alot of times can peice together alot of information into what is going on, yet at the same time there are times where she is as clueless as to what our messages mean.

I had asked my hubby what he would get out of telling Angela she is a fraud. He couldn’t answer. She has done nothing to specifically hurt him. She does not walk around telling everyone she meets that she is psychic and offer them a reading. For whatever reason, and he couldn’t even answer, he does not like the fact that she claims to be psychic. And while I can respect that….making a point to confront and say “You are a liar” is the same as pushing your beleifs on someone else. It’s just not right.


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  1. I am a skeptic, but if my wife told me she believed I would explore it. I would be respectful, but I would need the psychic to give me some indication of their ability.

  2. See I am cool with being skeptic. I am skeptic about whether or not I am getting info from a spirit, so I always say energy. I have assisted crossing over spirits but yet I cannot say truthfully that I really did that because all I feel is an enery field.

    When you target someone in an effort to prove them wrong in what appears to be a hateful manner, its beyond being skeptic. And that is really how hubby is behaving, which is a tad bit out of character for him. He is usually pretty easy going. Or maybe I am just misinterpreting what he is saying completely?

  3. Hello, Angela.

    Metaphysical musings always bound to innate talent, as far as I reckon. One can always learn, of course, but none will truly grasp without having both their mind and heart open. As I embed on my sidebar, “Genius does what it must, talent does what it can”.

    As far as awakening chakra is concern, many New Age spiritualist and yogis use some sort of instrument like music or guru(s) to better help achieve the intended level. However, in a nutshell, I use to do it only by sitting down the ground on remote area and smiling my heart out then there goes the boom!

    I’ll be glad to having you dropping by my human beingism blog and maybe we could share some thoughts.

    Warmest regards,
    ~dull chimp~

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