Friday Night Fun

My hubby (Diary of a Gamer) usually goes out on Friday nights to game. So I usually have to come up with a way to entertain the children. Video games and cartoons only go so far!

Last night we made mini pizzas. We used english muffins, tomato sauce, and our favorite toppings. I set up the table so the kids could just do whatever they wanted. They had a blast! The boy got bored with it fast, he is only 3. His pizzas were just cheese and pepperoni…nothing else, no sauce or nothing lol. My oldest daughter, 8, did hard salami, pepperoni, tomato sauce and just a teeny bit of cheese. My younger daughter, 6, did very little sauce and a TON of cheese. When we go out for pizza its a headache because none of them quite like the same thing, as you can well see.

I myself am a big fan of white pie pizza. So for mine I did a layer of ricotta, a layer of cheese, a layer of alfredo sauce, another layer of cheese, some italian sausage, and topped off with more cheese. I love cheese LOL. I really loved my pizza! I wasn’t sure about the alfredo but it worked very well.

The only downside to it all is that I did it on Friday evening when we got home. We don’t get home til about 5:45 and the kids are under my feet with “Whats for dinner mommmmm, I am starving!!!”, even though I told them a dozen times before what we were doing. Our evenings during the week always feel rushed. So this project we will move to a Saturday or Sunday evening so its more relaxed and fun. Now if I can figure out how to make it a healthy dessert type thing, or unhealthy for special occasions lol.


~ by alegna75 on August 16, 2008.

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  1. If you are using English Muffins for the pizzas, how about toasting a few for desert, throwing on some peanut butter and topping them with a few sliced bananas? Or peanut butter with a few chocolate chips (for the special occasions).

    Or make pizza “s’mores”? Spread Nutella on the English Muffins, and top with a little marshmallow fluff.

    Of course all those ingredients pretty much work with all the other ones in any combination, lol!

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