The Snake

I swear I have days where if I knew what it would be like to have a boy, I would have taken every measure to not have one. Let me say, when I gave birth to my son I was very happy. Kyle is highly outnumbered. 2 little girls, me, and our dog Maxie pretty much run the roost. So yea, things felt complete when I finally gave birth to a boy.

We have been potty training our son. He is 3 and for 90% of the time he does just fine on his own. He still has accidents but they are few and far between.

I have always been a beleiver of using proper terminology of body parts. We don’t have wee-wee’s in this house. It’s straight up vagina or penis. Well one night Alex had an accident. We got him cleaned up and it was ummmm quite obvious he needed to go some more. When he woke up he had a nightmare, he said something about finding a snake on his hand. I had to reassure him by holding his hand up to his face that there was no snake. Unfortunatley, hubby decided it would be a good time to use a cutsey name for a particular body part. Of course he chose “snake”. Here is an excerpt of the conversation between my 40-year old hubby and 3 year old son.

Daddy: Oh my gawd, Alex there is a snake on you!

Alex (screaming and staring at his hands): Where, where…get it off!!

Daddy: No, not on your hands…there (points to our son’s crotch)

Alex: Daddy, thats not a snake, thats a PENITH!

Daddy: No baby, thats your very own snake

Alex (getting angry): NOOOOOO its a penith!

(Enter our dog Maxie who decides she needs Alex loving aka lay all over her and yank on ears, nose, or tail)

Daddy: Watch out Alex, Maxie might try to eat your snake (yea he gets daddy of the year!)

Me: What the hell?! You think she would mistake it for a Lil Smokey?

Alex (shaking finger at both of us): It’s not a snake daddy. It’s not a mokey momma. It’s a PENITH!

My husband is amused by all of this. I am saving up money now for the much-needed therapy I am sure the boy will need later on.


~ by alegna75 on August 14, 2008.

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