School Anxiety

So the semester starts on Monday. I am somewhat nervous. I always get nervous when I am about to start cause I wonder who is going to be in those classes. I feel relief whenever I have a class with someone I know from a prior semester. People always tell me that they can’t tell I am nervous, but I am. I learned a trick years ago when I had to do alot of speeches (people always freaking ask me to speak!), I basically pretend I ain’t scared. As long as I am behind a podium or table and my knees can shake freely…I can make it through. But anyway, I am so nervous…I found out I am waiting on a book for a class I am not even registered for! I had signed up for Acc 220, Intermediate Accounting 1. For whatever reason, even though the schedule was in my hand when I went to get books, I had it in my head that I was in Acc 221. There was no book and today I found out they aren’t having that class this semester. GREAT! Don’t I feel like a major moron.

I am not the only one. My daughters start 2nd and 3rd grade next wednesday. My 2nd grader isn’t nervous at all! But she is a social butterfly…she is never nervous lol. My 3rd grader however is starting to show some preteen issues. Poor thing has a cold sore. She is stressed that it will still be there on Wednesday. She almost went into full teenage meltdown over the blemish.
Is it too late to ask the stork to take her back?


~ by alegna75 on August 14, 2008.

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