The Jiggly Wiggly

So I began the C25K program and the Hundred Pushup Challenge last night. I also found podcasts for the C25K so that you know when to switch from a walk to a jog without using a timer. I needed to charge my zune so I worked on the pushups. Yea, I don’t think I did ONE properly. I will be on that program longer than the 9 weeks. Which is ok, but if I think about it too long it seems overly daunting. So when I was done with that I got the zune and went on my “run”. I have started this program before, this time tho I am finishing it! I decided to do it at 9pm. It’s dark, not alot of traffic around here. I don’t have to worry that anyone will see my flab bouncing and smacking bushes as I run by. Many people tell me I am not that big, but I can’t bring myself to run where people might see it. I am fairly tough, but even I would probably shed a tear if someone so much as pointed or stared.

The run is pretty hard. I stretched for 5 min and halfway through my shins and calves were screaming in agony. When it was time to walk I would kick my legs out with each movement so that I might kick out the tightness. I live in the mountains so we have hills everywhere. I would try my hardest to time it to where I ran downhill and not uphill. When I had 5 min left, my ran turned into a fast walk, lol. I was sweating lightly, but once I got in the door,stretched, and sat down to relax….the sweat came in buckets.

I do it all again on Thursday šŸ™‚


~ by alegna75 on August 13, 2008.

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  1. I’m wildly impressed! I only run when being chased, lol.

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