The Obsession Has Evolved!

Poor hubby is caught in a Halloween Hell in our house. Yesterday after aerobics I ran by the craft store to price supplies for tombstones. I went ahead and picked up some cute candles and decided that this weekend I am going to buy some skulls to place in my glass cake display. I saw a pic of a display Martha Stewart did and fell in love with the skulls in the display bit. I tried talking to him last night about what coffin to do. We are going to make a toe pincher and I had plans for one made with plywood or one made with sturdy foam. He didn’t want to talk about it. So today my mother in law brings my girls to my office. I start talking to them and well….the subject of the coffins came up. Claire (my 6 year old) immediatley asks if she can be inside the coffin. This means we need to make the plywood one. It also means I have a morbid kid. I swear I had nothing to do with the thought of her being in it! Welllllllll the conversation progresses. We decided that Daddy and Molly (8) will be wearing scream costumes. I will go as Morticia Addams (or variation of) and Alex (3) will be Chucky. Next think I know the in-laws are in the coversation and someone comes up with claire being a dead cheerleader (she has been cheering at a church during their basketball season). So she gets ALL excited talking about how we can destroy her cheer uniform (its getting small anyway) to make it look ghastly. I am laughing, look at my hubby who is standing in the corner. He looks scared. Well THEN Molly decides that we should put a bloody spot on Claire’s forehead so it looked like she got shot. Then father in law pipes up with, “You should do a double tap”. I have no idea what he is talking about so he explains. For those who are as clueless as I…..its TWO shots to the forehead. Do you think it stopped there? No, course not. I come up with the BRILLIANT plan that Claire will not only jump up and scare the crap out of our arriving guests BUT she will do a creepy cheer. We haven’t quite gotten the cheer written. I know we wanna say something like, “We are glad you arrived. We will be eating you dead or alive!” It’s a work in progress.

Hubby did end up talking to me a wee bit. He wants to wear some old wrinkled man mask he has. Works for me! We don’t have to spend money on his costume YAY!

And if anyone comes up with a ghastly cheer, please share!


~ by alegna75 on August 12, 2008.

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  1. LOL! Oh, how much fun is all that going to be?!

  2. And I so thought I LOVED Halloween …well you put me to shame! Gosh i so wanna come trick-er-treating at your house this yr!

  3. Oh you so out-do me on any Halloween decorations! I would love to come trick -or-treating at your house!

  4. OMG you are THE Halloween Queen. Thanks for stoping by and do let me know if you come to touch a pyramid, they are REALLY cool and yes I am lucky to be here….

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