Halloween – it’s not that far away!

So ever since MrsB mentioned doing a 31 day blog marathon in October about Halloween, I have been obsessing about Halloween. With 5 people in our house to outfit, now is the usual time I start looking around at costumes and prices. Well my mistake came at the grocery store, I bought one of those little mags at checkout that had all these cute halloween crafts and foods. So now we are having a party this year (mrsb my hubby thanks you! lol)!!! I can’t wait. We are going to make a coffin and tombstones for our yard. Decorate like mad of course. I am ordering Skel-A-Mingos so I can have one in my yard. Actually the reason for that is my hubby’s aunt has alot of pink flamingos. More of a practical joke thing, she isn’t really an avid flamingo collector. I found the Skel-A-Mingos and told her about them and she actually giggled. So I figure I order a pair and send her one. Now since we are making a coffin, I decided I want to order a Pop-Up Ghost. Since it has a motion detector we can sit back and watch everyone flip out LOL. I can’t wait. I am getting all excited thinking about it lol. It will be adults and kids, costume contest for the kids, bobbing for apples for the kids, potluck (all food much cause an “EWW” or gagging sound just by the looks of it), and just having fun with awesome friends. Since PhantamFest is a week and a half before Halloween, and Halloween falls on a Friday and we are going to the Samhain ritual that night, we are gonna have our party on the 25th of Oct. My oldest actually didn’t like that idea right off the bat, til I told her she got to celebrate it twice and wear her costume twice. Now she is on board LOL. What’s funny about all of this is I have my bday, my middle daughters bday, Scarefest, Phantam Fest to prep for BEFORE Halloween….and I don’t care. Gotta start planning now. I am not a Martha Stewart type, but I am a planner and will have every detail thought of…every possible future problem solved (well not really but you know what I mean).

Poor Hubby. All he can do is roll his sweet little eyes at me. It’s ok though, I will take care of it all while he plays his games and he won’t really notice much. Well, until I hand him the hammer and wood and say “Make me a coffin babe”. LOL he will either stare at me intently trying to figure out why I need a coffin…or decide to run while he can.


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  1. LOL! I’m sure your husband is cursing my name!

    I hope some of my October posts will give you some quick and easy last minute fillers for your party!

    Halloween is the best time of year! So much fun!

  2. I love Halloween! Every year I say I’m going to have a party, and then we never do.
    Maybe this year….

  3. mrsb : I look forward to your articles! If I can’t use it this year I may give it a go next year. I am slowly building up my Halloween decorations, I usually buy stuff afterwards and get it cheap. So whatever I can’t do this year will be put on a list for next year.

    Dysfunctional: Do it! Go for it!! You can throw one together easy!

  4. We so love Halloween around here also…as a matter of fact lilest bean just told me what she wants to be for Halloween this year….lets just say i was mortified!

    Sounds like your party will be a blast you will be one busy lady leading up to the big day!

  5. How cool is this…my daughter’s first birthday is in early Nov. so we’re going to throw her a Halloween party! She, of course, will have a few costume changes during the party…

  6. Aww mike too cute! Prepping her for Future Diva of America club??

  7. Halloween is my favorite holiday! When should I expect my invitation to your party? 😉

  8. LOL Cookie, its like what….6 days car trip to the east coast?!

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