Going Green & Making Plans

I am sure I am driving some of you nuts with my multi-topic posts lol. Sorry, I can’t help it. Once I have several topics in my head I struggle to not just spout them out at once. And so far I haven’t hit any sort of dry spell with topics.

I have been slowly changing habits so that we “go green”. I haven’t started seperating trash for recycling but we are discussing a composte heap. It actually started with trying out Greenworks, I think clorox makes it. Anyway, I struggle with the product. I grew up in a home where if you didn’t reek of amonia or bleach…it wasn’t clean. So of course now when I clean I expect a chemical lemony smell. Ok the lemon part is just cause I heart the smell of lemons. I haven’t stopped using Greenworks, it does appear to get things clean. I just hope that soon I can get used to it and stop wishing my home smelt like a sterile hospital room. A few weeks ago I noticed my grocery store started offering reusable grocery bags. 99cents a peice. So I thought that would be another great way to help change into a greener lifestyle. I started out with two. I now have 5. Not because I have alot of groceries. Because I ALWAYS forget to bring them to the store with me. So then I feel compelled to buy another. Sometimes its a matter of me running to the store when I hadn’t really planned to and I am at work and don’t want to drive home to get a bag first. My other prob is my hubby bought one at his fave grocery store (we don’t like the same stores, we are weird aren’t we?). I don’t feel like I can take his bag into my store, its like blasphemy or something. On top of that I have started doing more bulk shopping (I save so much on meat that way). I don’t even take the bags inside there LOL. I got the bulk foods to the car today, walked over to passenger door and got my bags out (YAY I remembered) and then filled them up with the fruits and eggs before putting them into the trunk. I know, ridiculous. Overall though I do feel better about making these small changes. We hope *crosses fingers* to have a garden going next year. I am well known for having a black thumb though, so it makes me nervous.

So the plans. Well next Friday the girls and I are hitting a UFO picnic with another paranormal group. Hubby didn’t want to pass up on his RPG boys night (will he ever grow up?) so he is taking the boy with him. We went last year and my girls LOVED it. The oldest NEVER talks with strangers, I mean NEVER. Last year though she talked to everyone AND did a video for one of the guys discussing all of the homemade UFO’s and which one she thought should win. Oh yea, this group has a UFO contest. People make them, send them off into the night and a winner is picked. I always wonder how many people in this tiny tiny little town end up reporting UFO sitings the night of the picnic. I am not that into UFO’s, I think they exist but I have a hard time beleiving they come here, kidnap people, anal probe them, and then send them back. But anyway, I digress. I am going just to take my girls. And thats our Girls Night Out.

After that our next plans are PhantamFest in Abbeville SC Oct 17th to Oct 19th. Hubby and I have an anniversary Oct 21 so that is our romantic anniversary getaway. It will be fun! I also decided that I want a Halloween Party this year. I picked up this little mag on Halloween Food& Crafts, one of those little mags sitting at the grocery checkout line. I got to looking through it and was just thrilled at all the ideas. I am the biggest kid at Halloween, it’s my fave day of the year (ok besides the day I gave birth to each of my kids). But since Halloween falls on a Friday and we are doing the Samhain festival this year as opposed to just trick or treating, we will have to have our party on the weekend before. I want to make some of the cool ass foods, have kids bobbing for apples and doing a costume contest. I think it will be a blast! I get antsy just thinking about it lol!

I am also trying to get hubby to start his own blog. He is an excellent writer. But he is such a gamer on the computer I am not sure I will ever get him to make an account. We were supposed to make one today, if it wasn’t one thing it was another. So no hubby blog yet. If he does get around to making one I will be sure to announce it!


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  1. We started going green about 2 years ago. You are off to a good start! And it’s such a great time to start doing it, as so many of the big brands are putting out green products now. They are so more reasonably priced than some of the others.

    A hint for the bag situation. I got 2 smaller canvas bags. I put one in my glove box, and try to keep one in my purse. That way if I forget the big bags, or just stop spontaneously for a couple of small things, I almost always have one on hand. I also made it my youngest’s job to get all the bags together after I bring home groceries and stick them right into the van.

    Have fun at the UFO event! That sounds like tons of fun!

    Oh, and I love the multi subject posts :O)

  2. thanks for the tip! Right after I read it I ran out to the car to leave my bags lol.

  3. I know what you mean about the bags. That was my New Year’s resolution, although I didn’t buy the bags. Some stores had a coupon here when you spend $25 they would give you one bag. Other stores had a promor for earth day and then there was one organice company that sent you a free bag in the mail when you signed up online. Anyway, I think i have 5 bags now. I leave them in the car most of the time or keep them in the closet with my purse so it’s hard to forget them. Good luck with your Green plans!

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