My issues with Women – a VENT!

I have issues with women. They are mean, backstabbing, selfish bitches. Doesn’t mean that I think that way about my readers. So far the few who have commented here and the few I have commented to have all been wonderful ladies. For that I thank you, it gives me hope that at some point I might be able to deal with women better. However I am on a few social networks for women and its not going nearly as well. Let’s start with Cafemom. I think for some of those ladies, the highlight of the day is for them to get up and start some drama online. You may run into a few women who write intelligent well thought out posts. But most are about scaring mommies to death that by bottlefeeding/vaccinating/letting baby cry it out that these children will need major therapy in 20 years. Its not that I don’t support moms in their choices to vaccinate or not to vaccinate….breast or bottlefeed…attachment parenting or CIO. We have enough to deal with in our day to day lives why must we use scare tactics to force people to see we are right? Oh and don’t forget the religion wars. You have the bad eggs constantly at each others throats. I am friends with people of all types of faiths in my real life. I show them things that are on CM at times and they wonder where the hell these people live…under rocks? And let me point out its NOT just the Christians. People always assume its the Christians starting the trouble. There are atheists and pagans that cause an equal amount of problems on there. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have a group on Cafemom, I would leave. But because of the group, i feel obligated to stay.

Oh and on NING I am in a social network there for moms with businesses. I just left this morning. i got so fed up with almost every post I made being picked apart. i made one requesting people to take a min and go to my daughters site to LOOK at the jewelry and offer any criticism or praise they had. We are considering selling the peices but it won’t be for a long time and I really want to know what people think of it before we put it out on the market. Well I get a great message saying “You only get someone’s attention for 3o seconds, post the pics here”. That’s all great if I were selling the peices there! On top of that I get a limited amount of time online a day. i have a dayjob, i have 3 kids, I have a business to run. I don’t have all the time in the world to spend online posting 30+ pics. I did it on the girls site, posted it at every social network I could and that was the only network that had an “issue” with it. Another post I did was about my biz opp chat I held last night. I had it at a site where you are not required to join or register to use the chatroom. This same networking site told me they would prefer I use their chat room. HMMM let’s see. The chat room I use I can invite whomever I want and they send out a schedule each week that reaches 200+ people. I can also type up my presentation then C&P it into the window. The networking site chat room only allows members in so if I invite outside people they have to register (which takes a bit of time), and I cannot C&P my presentation into it, I have to type as I go. Half the time I can’t get into their chatroom let alone use it. I decided enough was enough, I didn’t join a network to be told everything i did had to be about that network alone.

My issues with women goes deeper of course. Every female “friend” I have ever had has backstabbed me at some point. My mother and I don’t get along. We rarely talk or see each other. I am actually seeing her this weekend. Maybe thats why I am this frustrated. I mean have been for quite some time now…but everything is just bearing down on me right about now. I don’t know what I will do about it. I prefer blogging and being involved with the All Mediocre crowd. It feels like a bunch of adults and not whiney, cry-baby bitches. Who knows, we will see


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  1. UGH! Sounds like you need to find some “real” girlfriends. I know what you mean about how some women can so B!itchy, but others can be wodnerful lifelong friends. My sister is that to me and I’m lucky to have found a group of 3 other moms in my neighborhood who I can call friends. Don’t give up!

  2. You haven’t found the right women to befriend yet. We’re out there and some of us are fabulous!!

    Hallie 🙂

  3. Uggh.. but understood. I’m on cafemom too and can’t believe some of things said on there. A few good groups I’m in save it for me though.

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Most of my friends are guys for the very reasons you describe. Women are just so competitive with each other that it’s hard to maintain close friendships!

  5. Hi Angela! First of all, thanks for coming by my blog and visiting! Sorry I am just getting over here, I have had the flu and haven’t been on the computer. ANYWAY! I know just how you feel. I had a lot of issues with females for a looong time. Oddly enough, the close friends that I do have now, are all people that I have met online, either through blogging or I have learned so much about friendship and women, and I really believe that we are all on the same team. There are lots of women out there who don’t see it that way, though. They are insecure and need to tear down other women to make themselves feel better. I have no tolerance for these women. Please don’t give up on female friendships. The good ones are out there and you will know when you meet one!

  6. I sympathize. I have always hd more luck with male friends, and even better luck with gay male friends. Keep in mind, for every backstabbing woman out there, there are plenty of sane women who are sick of being backstabbed.

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