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I make jokes alot about being Mother of the Year. This usually occurs whenever one of my children complains that their punishment is cruel and unusual. No I do NOT allow wire hangers in my home but I don’t make my children eat raw meat either! Anyway, the jokes prompted me to really google MOTY. I mean really, does it exist? How does one get nominated? What are the criteria? And I found Mother of the Year,they use MOY as their acronym. These ladies actually exist! So what are the “rules”?

Be at least forty-five (45) years of age. That rules me out. I got 12 more years.

Have been married to her husband, a man, in a legal ceremony. Ok well I am covered here. But this causes me to ask a question. If a woman marries her lesbian lover, is one of them a husband? I always thought it would be “We now pronounce you wife and wife”. Maybe I am wrong but the wording of this statement seems a tad silly. I can see someone at a cocktail party now, ” Susan, let me introduce you to my husband Sam” and in walks a horse. If any of you out there in blogland is gay, can you please clarify the marriage and title issue? I am seriously curious as to the whole husband being a man thing.

Be a mother of one or more children. Her youngest child must be at least 15 years old by Mother’s Day of the year in which she will serve as Mother of the Year. Ok my youngest is 3, but hey in 12 years I will be eligible!! Well, so far. Read on.

Have proven to be a successful mother as evidenced by her child(ren)’s accomplishments. Ok talk about stress! I mean its bad enough I had to endure hearing I was a horrid mother for not breastfeeding, for giving my children vaccinations…they watch too much tv, eat too much sugar, are not exposed to culture enough, etc etc. NOW I have to stress about their future accomplishments. I am pretty sure if my son ends up a garbage man I have totally lost the competition.

Be able to represent American Mothers, Inc.® using her mothering experience. I am not sure that I have a rebuttal for this “rule”. I have always been a firm beleiver that you raise a child according to the child. I may have bottlefed mine but I do encourage women to at least try breastfeeding. If they don’t wanna vaccinate, I support that…even though it wasn’t right for me. How about those moms who spank?? YEP thats me! So if this “rule” means you pretty much use your expertise to say “Hey, this is what you need to do” then its wrong. Offering several responses to the question “Little Johnny really loves sticking his tongue in the light socket, what do I do??” is by far better than saying “You should beat the snot out of that brat and stop having idiot children” even though thats what we might be thinking inside.

Be an active member of a faith-based organization. I have to wonder, is this any religion or must it be mainstream? I am pagan, I am no part of any organizations that are faith based including pagan groups. So yea, I am out totally now. But would a Wiccan Mom be recognized if she was involved with a group that was pagan in nature and did good works in the community? I am not out to start some Chrisitianity vs Paganism argument. But this is a serious question to those in the minority religiously. FYI I am not Wiccan but I used that since alot of people associate pagans as being Wiccan. I sense another blog topic!

Be an active participant in community, state, national or international activities. Good thinking! Mom has enough on her plate with a houseful of children, hubby to care for, mounds of laundry yelling at her, and possibly at outside job. Let’s add some sort of volunteer work! Ok despite the joke, i am all for it. I would love to see every family getting involved in something. I just hope its to make a real difference and not to win MOTY.

Be a member in good standing of American Mothers, Inc.® by February 20 of the year for which she is nominated and be willing to participate in AMI activities and support its goals as defined by its mission statement. So apparently you have to join a group to do this. Hmmm, wonder if that counts towards the community/national/international activities? And I wonder why they chose Feb 2oth as a deadline?

Be able to complete the required portfolio. I have no idea what is in the portfolio. Let’s hope its not throwing kittens into a bag with a heavy rock and launching them into a river.

Life Membership Option: Life Memberships in American Mothers, Inc. are granted to members paying $1,000 or $100 per year for 10 years. Holy cow! I mean whoa! If I had $1000 to be a member I would kill my son if he did become a garbage man.

Ok all jokes aside. I now have my curiosity satiated. It’s nice to see that a mom may get rewarded for being awesome. For now, I will enjoy hearing my son tell me “Momma, your so cool. Your my best fwend.”


~ by alegna75 on July 26, 2008.

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  1. ROFL! They charge $100 a year or $1k to be mother of the year?! Wouldn’t that make you “sucker” of the year?!
    Don’t worry, I’m sure your kids think you’re the best mother they ever had 😉 No matter what all those 45 year old religious, politicians with $1k to waste say! 😉
    thanks for stopping by my place 🙂

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