Change and Cloverfield

Well first, you may notice I made some changes to the blog. I didn’t make the one change I really wanted to make which was to make the blog text wider. I am trying to find a template online but everytime I dl one blogger tells me it can’t use it. I get bored easily so I like to keep things looking “fresh”. I do this to my hair too lol. Every 6 months its a different color. The only color it hasn’t been is green. I can’t do it, reminds me of boogers. Some of the colors my hair has been were accidental. No one chooses to have orange hair unless they are a clown in the circus.

Ok so on to Cloverfield. I finally saw it. We bought it yesterday at the store for $10. I liked it, it was good. Had my kind of ending. Hubby’s definition is that its a “No Hope For Humanity Movie” and no wonder I liked it. I am on the fence on whether I should have seen it on the bigscreen. There were a couple of moments I prolly would have shit myself and screamed really loud. But I don’t think it would have been worth $8. Yea ok, i spent 10 but I now have unlimited access to it!

I don’t understand how it is I am attracted to the “No Hope For Humanity” Movie. It’s not like I know from the get-go,who would see a movie they already knew the ending to? But it never fails. I see a trailer and I go “ooohhh I wanna see that!” *wipe drool off chin*. Hubby rolls his eyes and says “Great, another one of THOSE movies!” I try to convince him that MAYBE this time it will have a happy ending (although I hate those happy endings…so dam unrealistic). When we were dating and had no kids we would go see it and sure enough, mankind was doomed. Now we don’t even rush out to see it (unless the inlaws call demanding our children which we happily oblige them). Once it hits the clearance bins of dvd’s we buy it and watch it. Then hubby grumbles the entire time about how negative I am. Makes for a lovely date night in lol. Actually I am so used to it, I don’t even hear it anymore. I guess he still grumbles about it.

Later today I get to endure Alien vs Predator. Let me try real hard to contain my excitement. Whereas I have the need to watch mankind being wiped off the face of the earth, my hubby has a need to watch things explode while aliens battle over who is better. What a lovely couple we make!


~ by alegna75 on July 26, 2008.

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