Addictions & Bead Jewelry Go Hand In Hand

I have one of those addictive personalities. And when I get rid of one another rears its head. I quit drugs and alcohol years ago but I smoked forever. Then when I quit smoking Nov 2006, I ate alot and haven’t really stopped (I am sure you hear the scale scream when I step on it!). Well,I have found a new addiction. Bead Jewelry. I never considered myself a very creative person. I can’t bake a cake but I can make some dam good cookies. I can’t paint unless its paint-by-numbers (don’t knock it, I find it very relaxing!). My daughters however are walking creative geniuses. Ok, not really. They aren’t VanGogh’s or Michaelangelo’s (they are young so the potential is there!) but they absolutely love to do art projects. My son has shown that he really digs drawing and coloring, and when I am brave enough to allow a 3 year old within 10 feet of paint, painting. In fallof 2007 my younger daughter (age 6) was on a cheer squad. The girls got together one night for a pj party. They did nails, makeup, watched High School Musical and they made earrings. Ever since then all I heard was about making jewelry. Fast forward to spring. I had been in Target (my fave store and the place my hubby tends to have heart attacks whenever I walk inside) and found a glorious clearance aisle. There were dozens upon dozens of these kids beading kits. GREAT! YAY! I grab 2. According to the box I had instructions and everything I would need to make necklaces and bracelets. I am thrilled to no end thinking I will definetly win Mother of the Year with this treasure. I get it home and put it in my secret gift box (yes I have one, I horde gifts all year long for bdays and xmas!). Fast forward again to last weekend. My middle dd is having her middle child syndrome meltdown so I grab one of the boxes and decide to soothe her with some mommy/daughter time. No such luck! The alleged instructions was one sheet of paper and typed on one side. No pictures and it said things like “You can thread the ribbon through the bracelet”. Ok I am like NOT a jewelry maker, how the hell am I supposed to show a 6 year old how to make all these cool things shown on the outside of the box without step by step instructions? I decide to put this away and do some research and show this kid how to really make jewelry. She cries. I watch my mother of the year nomination roll right down her cheeks. First thing I do is contact a jewelry maker I network with on myspace (beleive it or not its not all teens and perverts!). I ask for her help, just lead me in the right direction. Bless her, she does. I go online and check the site for my favorite craft store, AC Moore’s. Good idea, they have a coupon I can print that gets me 25% off. I go to the store as soon as I get off work (ironically its right by where my step aerobics class is and I had a class!). I get everything on my list to make simple drop earrings. When I get home I scarf down some food while the kids are doing s dance that oddly resembles the pee pee dance. Who woulda thunk a mom might wanna eat after sweating her non existent balls off??? So we sit down and begin.In 30 minutes each of my girls had made 3 pairs of earrings and I made 2. They were so freaking easy! Then today my oldest daughter decided that she didn’t want to go to camp but to volunteer at Humane Society. Well for that to happen she has to come to my office in the morning. Crap I need to find her something to do. Ahhh yes, the jewelry. Well in a matter of 2 hours, she has made about 20 pairs. Crap, what will I do now? I go online, print another coupon and we go BACK to the store to get more things. Except I also pick up items to expand and try out some other things…bracelets and necklaces. Well since I didn’t know how hard it would be I told the girls I would test it out while they went to bed and they could make stuff tomorrow (no camp, Bele Chere is starting tomorrow and everyone is working it). It’s definetly harder then earrings but not too hard for my oldest. The younger one isn’t quite ready for that task. I made a necklace and bracelet set to match the pair of earrings my younger daughter made. We are doing some pics this weekend so I will post some. I am right now having to fight the urge to go and make more. Maybe I should go read or something?


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  1. Great idea for something to teach girls. It’s something they can actually use later. My friend designs jewelry and I always wish I could do that… Maybe I’ll pick up a kit.

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