OMG I just wrote this blog about old people and driving. For whatever reason I got an error message. I lost the WHOLE THING!!! UGh this pisses me off.

It doesn’t help that my mind is going a mile a minute. I can’t help it, i am bipolar. Ok slight lie, I could help it with meds. I choose to not be on meds. I don’t even like taking a tylenol for a headache. I used to be a drug addict. I pillpopped quite a bit. Its another trait of bipolars….self medicating. some do it with drugs, alcohol, or even cutting. Now I self medicate with food or excessive exercise. Odd combo. I either pig out. Or I go on major walking/running binges in addition to hours of pilates or yoga. You would THINK i would be skinnier but no.

So tonight my mind is racing. So bare with me if none of this makes sense. I won’t sleep well tonight. I can’t on nights like this. I think way too much and I come up with solutions to all kinds of problems. Only thing is, my solutions aren’t always the most popular.

I have been thinking about the issue of “Should we force old drivers to test more often?” – No, we should test everyone and everyone has to pay for the testing out of their own pocket. Driving isn’t a right, its a privilege

“Should there be a fat tax?” YES! And I am fat! For one, if I have to pay a tax on my fat it might actually be a huge motivator for me to get skinny. But with a fat tax we can force the insurance companies to reduce rates on people who are healthy.

“Does the welfare system need to be revamped” big YES! I also don’t like how the system rewards people for not working. Why would anyone WANT to get off the system when they receive twice as much in benefits then if they worked? But on that note, in my plan….anyone on the system will be required to attend school (to get ahead) or get a job. And no one will be too good for a job. They can get out in the fields and pick cotton or tobacco all day!

Wanna know what else I am thinking. Why is it such a big deal that Obama is black?? Ok before I get slammed for this let me say that YES it will do alot of good for our history and current track record. Ok but here is my biggest issue. I want people to actually LOOK at his record, his plans, and THEN decide if they want him. It’s sad but I think that his skin color is going to be the determinant for if he is elected or not. And for the record, I felt the same way about Hillary and the fact that she was a woman. I just didn’t mention her really because she is not in the running anymore.

Oh and did you know that a Coke Zero bottle cap fits on a bottle of Aleve. I actually took one a few days ago for a headache (gasp…I know I don’t like it but I was at work and couldnt focus). Well I discovered today that I had stuck on a Coke Zero bottle cap on the bottle instead of the original cap. Weird isn’t it?

So, I am going to go play some pogo. Try to calm me down. I might be back later to just go on whatever is in my head. Maybe I will get some work done. Who knows.


~ by alegna75 on July 23, 2008.

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