Movie Drama – revisited

I love to see controversy and drama surround a movie. It usually means in your in for a great flick. Awhile back there was a big stink about The Golden Compass. Since we have a tight budget, 3 active kids, and almost no spare time…we don’t get to the movies much. I went in a grocery store one day to buy butter and lo and behold they had the movie on DVD for $10. Needless to say, I grabbed it (along with One Missed Call that I haven’t watched just yet). I watched it while my girls were at the Horse Show with Daddy. Alex doesn’t have the patience for live action movies yet although he did sit and watch the polar bears with a strange sort of fierceness. Our tv isn’t the best. Actually its a nice tv, just a tad on the small side. And for whatever reason, the hookup between tv and dvd player….well we just don’t get a good pic. And dark movies don’t show much on our screen. So I did have some problems with actually seeing what was going on. But I have to say it was a pretty good movie. I kept thinking about all the controversy….it’s anti-christian, its out to kill god, blah blah blah blah. Ok so the last book in the series does try to “kill” god. Here is my take on the issue. You do NOT sit around talking about boycotting a movie because it goes against your beleifs. Moneymakers thrive on those very actions. You end up supporting the movie more by crying about how “evil” it is on the tv. people WANT to see what the controversy is about. Ok so if you don’t like what you think is in the movie…don’t go. If people ask, ok then spout your thoughts. Look at Eminem. He has made MOST of his money by being a controversial figure. People love to hate him and the more controversy that surrounds him, the more money he makes. Same goes for movies (and a major actor dying before the release of his film helps also….look at The Dark Knight!). Was there references to christianity in the movie…most definetly. Nothing that a young child could easily pick up on. My oldest might figure it out and start asking questions, but then again maybe not…she is 8 years old, kind of an iffy age. But my feelings are, if they are old enough to figure out what they are talking about in the sense of christianity, then they are ready to talk about it in a very candid manner. I ain’t talking about how great the religion is (depending on what your personal views are). I mean talking about opposing views, and talking about them objectively with little bias (ok face it, we can’t remove ALL of our biases from our discussions!). This is one of the great things that a parent can do when they screen a movie. I think its perfectly fine for mine to watch, but I can prepare myself for possible questions and how I will answer. I don’t want to dictate to my children what they “should or should not” beleive. Matter of fact, I want them to see it so that they can see what a daemon is to another mindset. I mean they could go to church or talk to a fundamental christian and be scared to death, and they are already scared of the dark. If they look at a daemon in a different light perhaps they won’t be near as scared come bedtime! Anyway, thats my two cents…not sure it makes sense to anyone but me…but does that matter?


~ by alegna75 on July 21, 2008.

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