School – I am almost done…or am I?

This past week I registered for fall semester classes. I am taking Intermediate Accounting, Macroeconomics, Professional Development and *drumroll please* World Religions. This leaves me with 5 classes left. Kinda exciting…almost done! I was only taking 2 courses during Spring semester due to the fact that its tax season. That’s not going to work this year. 3 of the 5 classes left are ONLY offered in Spring. So my options are:
1. I take 3 classes this spring and the rest in summer and be done.
2. I take 2 classes this spring, 2 in summer, take fall off, then finish Spring 2010.
What would you do??? DAM RIGHT! You go with option #1. Hubby thinks I am nuts but dangit…it would be nice to just get it done with. And if you think that is the only snag…wrong! I had taken an intro to computers course in 2003. Its now 5 year old. According to the “rules” I am to retake this class. I don’t WANT to retake it!! I talked to my advisor about it and we can try arguing why I don’t need it IF I can show that I use Microsoft Office 2007 in my line of work. Only problem is…I use 2007 at home, not in my office. We still have 2003. And at home with the biz and stuff, I primarily use Quickbooks. I don’t have a need for MSO 07. So guess what hubby says…maybe I should take it. Now FIL is scratching his head going yea, you know we will have to upgrade and it would be helpful to know it inside and out. *Sigh* If I end up taking this class it WILL be this summer. And guess what, the FUN still doesn’t end when I am done this summer. Nooooooo! I then have to decide by the end of the year if I will attend UNCA. We are looking at ANOTHER 4 -6 years of schooling to fulfill their requirements in addition to the requirements for me to sit for CPA, which is the only reason I am considering going to UNCA. YAY me. I got lots of major decisions to make. I don’t know for sure that I really want to go to university or not. I know that it would be a huge asset for me to get my CPA. But GAHHHH i am tired, ya know? Oh well, we will see.
Must run, my son just got quiet and that bothers me.


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  1. Oooo I took World Religions and LOVED that class. Have fun!

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