Another untitled

Another one I wrote. I have written alot but very few I share since I am my worst critic. This was written during a low day (go figure). Cornflake girl is in reference to a Tori Amos song I had been listening to that day. This was done October 1997.

The “cornflake girl” travels through her space.
Trust is the evil word spat in her face.

No one knows the hidden pain I feel.
Cannot tell what is fake or real.
Am I a being?

Are my eyes really seeing?
When will I awake from this nightmare?
Death is only a dare!
Love and hate go hand in hand.

Like a beach with white sand.
Will this end when I die?
Or survive within a sigh?
I am crumbling, leaving no trace.
In a picture, I am just a face.
I am not really alive.
I died at the age of five.
In the corners of my life, there is despair.
And I’m just playing the chance games at the fair.


~ by alegna75 on July 17, 2008.

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