Just some things to get off my chest

I know this guy (not my husband just to clarify!) who makes certain claims about himself that I am starting really see through. I have lots to say about it. Haven’t said them to his face yet. I will…just biding my time for the “right” moment.

1. “I forget everything” – amazing how you can remember your childhood, movies you seen last year but you can’t remember a conversation a week ago. You only “forget” the things that I bring up when you have pissed me off. If you truly “forgot” said conversations this is seriously showing how self absorbed you truly are. Everyone forgets things, even conversations from the day before. Most everyone will say, “oh sorry, I totally forgot”. But not you…no your incapable of even faking an apology. Another red flag of being self absorbed. If its not important to you, than you don’t need to remember it, right?

2. “I am a sex addict” – yea, addicts don’t ever turn down anything that fulfills their “craving”. Ok granted, I am not a sex addict…but I am an addict. That pyscho chick that would have let you do whatever to her a few months ago…you totally woulda hit it. Sex addicts don’t have standards, sorry your not a sex addict.

3. “I used to be the ghost magnet but now I am not” – this actually falls in line with alot of other things you spout. The reality of the matter is, you push yourself to be like everyone else instead of using what abilities you do have. You have to be the center of attention, now that several people have come into the foreground..your ego is being crushed by the lack of attention. Poor pitiful you.

4. “I am done with the world, it doesn’t matter if I die” – everyone’s favorite. The alleged suicidal guy. let’s all coddle him and make him feel wanted. yea, thats so not me. First and foremost…if you were truly done, you woulda taken care of this long ago. This is just another one of you “PLEASE SHOW ME ATTENTION SO I FEEL SPECIAL” moments. Seriously, i am over it. How about you?

Overall, this is a guy who has super sensitive ego. he must be the center of attention or he feels lost. Then when he is in the center being teased and picked on, he then feels the need to mention how everytime he is around he is teased and picked on. Is he setting himself up for it. YES!!! He has conditioned himself to be this kind of person, and without it he is lost. I feel sorry for him. he will never really know when someone actually cares about him or not because he has hidden himself so much no one (including himself) can see it.

Why haven’t I said something yet? Cause it wouldn’t matter. He would just go and tell someone else all of the “mean and horrible” things I said and further use it for attention. Why bother feeding into it? Can’t win, no matter what you do he will twist it to feed his self absorbed needs.


~ by alegna75 on July 15, 2008.

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