Origin of the Tooth Fairy

Kyle and I went to the movies,saw Hellboy II. Guillermo Del Toro directed it, although I am not a Hellboy fan I found this one enjoyable. I am really liking Guillermo Del Toro’s style as well. You can see some similarities between HB and Pans Labrynth. The movie brought up something that I felt like researching, the Tooth Fairy. In the movie the Tooth Fairies were these tiny cute little creatures that you soon discovered could eat a human within seconds. They were pack creatures and attacked by the thousands. We also discovered the first thing that they went for were teeth and preferred the bones over the flesh. This brought on the question, is there any basis to that plot line? Are there stories floating around that when you lost a tooth you left it under the pillow to appease the Tooth Fairies and keep them from eating the rest of your teeth? If you think about it, it sounds very much like a true fairy tale. So I went googling this morning and so far I cannot find it. I have found legends varying from different regions, but none that involve an “evil” Tooth Fairy. All of them have her as a fairy doing good. I have seen several articles that there is little history on the origin of the Tooth Fairy. It’s not like Santa whom lives in a specific place, has a specific job, has a slogan and can even be contacted. I will continue looking, but for now its going to drive me nuts LOL!


~ by alegna75 on July 13, 2008.

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