Double Bday Party

So tomorrow is the big party. I got the onion dip and potato salad in the fridge. I need to get more laundry done so I can pack the kids bags since they are going to inlaws overnight. I made up goody bags for the kids, got 24 of them and only have about 15 invited LOL. I figured I could use the extras to bribe mine with. I was so mean. I bought chinese finger torture thingies. LOL I cannot wait to watch 3 year olds play with them. Also blew up balloons last night. We have about 45 of them, figure kids can go to town popping them. I went to the party store today to get some last minute things and I wish I went there in the beginning. Target and Kmart had nothing with Curious George so I worked around that a bit. The party store had stuff!! I now know where I am going to go for Claires party. IF I can talk her into a park party (instead of tea party) we will get a pinata for her. That sounds like ALOT of fun lol! Kyle wanted one for Alex but eh….3 year old swinging a broom handle at a pinata does NOT sound like fun. I can foresee alot of bruises and black eyes.

I have had very little RSVP’s. Frustrating!!! So really I have no idea how many are coming. I have had two of the invites sent to Jennings come back. I am afraid Kyle has figured things out. Although he hasn’t said a word. I really wanted to surprise him, stupid people moving and not telling us. I mean jeesh if you don’t like us just say so!

The good thing about a few RSVP’s. The immediate family is big enough to put a dent into the food LOL.

Ok I am tired. I have an online party at 10:30 am and plenty to do after that so TTFN! Will post more later on!


~ by alegna75 on July 12, 2008.

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